Friday, September 13, 2013

kaun banega pradhanmantri !

the BJP and the Congress are both suffering from huge leadership crises .BJP because it has too many of them .L K Advani, Murli Manohar joshi, Sushma Swaraj,Arun jaitley ..each capable of handling the top job, each with ambition and aspiration .and in comes Narendra Modi who topples all their dreams, and ala Amitabh Bachhan of the 70s acquires undoubtably an overnight superstar status. the rest have no option but to politely support him for fear of losing their own positions, in this new BJP avatar . ...the Congress has a problem because it has no leaders . Manmohan singh was a capable economist , but his embarrassingly quiet demeanor and tacit support to all the corruption and scams have rendered him useless and incompetent . and the other option of falling back at the feet of the family is also failing as no one able is alive anymore . Rahul gandhi may have the looks to be a stunning show stopper at Lakme India Fashion Week , but has neither any charisma to draw attention , nor any intelligence to debate any issue , national or international . worse still his total disconnect to the indian ethos is so evident when he opens his mouth ..whether its his kalawati nonsense, or the rani ki jhansian faux pass , or worse still his outdated speeches full of rhetoric, possibly written for his grandmother by bollywood writers like Dr Rahi Maoom Raza..!!!"is desh ko kaun chalata hai ..desh ka kisan desh ka gareeb !! garibo ke sapne mere hain , main unhe dkhna chahta hoon .." despite young looking, he is hilariously dated !!! 

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